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A unique sponsorship opportunity now exists for your company to position the brand at the highest level in an intimate and credible relationship with a global audience of leading international art professionals and institutions as the principal sponsor of the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA)

Your company is at the forefront of research and technology and maintains it's market position as the industry standard for excellence.

The IDAA is the #1 award in digital art. No one could predict the success resulting from the inaugural 2001 International Digital Art Awards. Our audience represents the very core market your company is trying to reach.
Digital art professionals from corporate advertising, digital photography, video, animation, IT/software development to fine art museums, galleries and the media are actively supporting the International Digital Art Awards. Over 1,500 entries were received for the 2001 awards, over 100,000 hits to our web site and linked to supporting web sites to an estimated viewing audience of 2.5 million people in the first year.

We established a monthly newsletter which saw a database quickly grow to more than 30,000 people supporting our project. The art presented in the IDAA is unmatched from a group of artists who expect nothing less than the highest possible standard - your company is recognised as products of choice by many leading artists and the 2002 International Digital Art Awards can be the vehicle to present this message to your core market.

Your company will enjoy national and international exposure in both online and hard copy exhibitions. The IDAA will have a dedicated online presence for the 2002 awards. World Digital Art.com will be the official web site to present the award including other selected web sites who will link-in and co-promote internationally with an estimated viewing audience expected to be twice the size of 2001.

From the online success of 2001 we were encouraged to present a hard copy exhibition and subsequently have been supported and booked nationally across Australia at major galleries including RMIT Melbourne, UNSW IDG Gallery, QUT Art Museum, University of South Australia Art Museum and University of Tasmania's new multimillion dollar art museum, the Couhnihan Gallery (City of Brunswick Melbourne) the IDAA will feature in the Brunswick Festival (attracted 100,000 people in 2001) and the Noosa Regional Gallery Queensland. All these galleries have committed their support to 2002 and beyond will provide your company with important branding opportunities.

Internationally the IDAA will feature at the 2002 International Digital Biennale St.Petersberg Russia. We have also been contacted by several US galleries in which negotiations are currently taking place.

The first twelve months has seen a dedicated campaign in laying the foundation for an award that has gone from seeding an idea to a successful outcome surpassing all expectations. Maxwell/Nikon can enjoy all the benefits of an award that has attracted world wide interest and recognition for 2002 and beyond.

The structure has now been put in place and provides an opportunity for a senior company, such as yours, to collectively establish a partnership that will push new boundaries of excellence in a market driven environment. Although we pay homage to the creative process of digital fine art through this award, there is no question as to the relevance and importance technology plays in assisting the production of a professional artist's output. Through this partnership Maxwell/Nikon will be able to further brand and position it's name to a dedicated group of professionals who clearly influence market trends.

The offer will be tailored to meet your specific corporate requirement and in doing so, we can present a number of sponsorship packages starting from product sponsorship to the ultimate opportunity of naming rights - "The your name International Digital Art Awards".

The first step will be to meet and discuss this proposal. I look forward to arranging such a meeting with you to discuss the International Digital Art Awards and the opportunity for your company in detail.

The 2002 International Digital Art Art Awards will be presented from March 2002 and will tour thereafter for a minimum of 2 years as a hard copy exhibition nationally and internationally. The online exhibition will be launched the same time and run for 12 months and then archived as a permanent exhibition.

Key Points Summary
- National & International Hard Copy Exhibitions booked until 2004
- 1,500 entries from leading International Digital Artists
- Continued sponsorship from Epson, Digital Photography, Copysafe, www.artcache.com
- IDAA website - received 100,000 hits
- Linked and supported by major art resource web site such Studio 211
- Database of 30,000 international artists, gallery directors, museums & media
- estimated viewing audience of 2.5 million people - receiving monthly updates
- Full colour published catalogue - via Digital Photography magazine selling nationally
- A board of international jurors including Laurence Gartel - Pioneer of digital art
- Reviewed by major papers - The Melbourne Age
Key players
Principal Director: Steve Danzig - leading international artist
- Executive Juror International Digital Biennale Russia
- Director World Digital Art USA
- Keynote speaker 2002 Artists on Art Conference
- Keynote speaker 2001 Aust Art Assoc Conference Melb Uni
- Featured artist at the IV2001 DART hard copy exhibition & Symposium London
- Florence Biennale Art Awards Italy 2001
Laurence Gartel is the world's leading US digital artist and pioneer of this genre who insisted he come on board and help make the International Digital Art Awards a success! Subsequently we presented for 2001 the Laurence Gartel Award for Excellence as a special award
...a career spanning for more than 25 years at the very top of his profession has included world wide exhibitions, awards, published books, a celebrated lecturer and a client list representing some of the world's largest and most successful companies such as, The Walt Disney Company; Philip Morris; Budweiser; Roche Pharmaceuticals; Mobil Oil; IBM; Canon USA; SWATCH, and ...ABSOLUT GARTEL" for Absolut Vodka appearing in: Art-In-America," "Artforum," "Art and Auction," "Sotheby's Preview," "Scientific America," "WIRED," "Art and Antiques," "Technology Review," "NY Magazine;" Official Poster for the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale etc.

Executive judges include Dr John Labadie, Snr lecturer at Nth Carloina University, Dr Sahsa Grishin Dept Head Art History Australian National University, JD Jarvis US artist & 2000 winner of the Toray Digital Award, Wayne Cosshall Australian artist & Editor Digital Photography Magazine, Vicki McConville Leading Australian digital artist and early poineer of this genre. Supporting judges include a changing guard of leading international artists.

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Digital Photography & Design magazine
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Director: Steve Danzig
Email: giznad@ozemail.com.au
Mobile: 0402 105 338
Tel: 61 3 9532 8389