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"The Vernacular Terrain
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Creative Industries Precinct @ QUT
(Queensland University of Technology)

(Beijing Film Academy China)

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute



Supported by the Australian Government
through the Australia International Cultural Council,
an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

2007 IDAprojects exhibition gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance from the Australian Government through the Australia China Council an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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2007 Exhibition: The Vernacular Terrain

by Stephen Danzig

In this exhibition, titled “The Vernacular Terrain”, works have been selected from artists that respond to their environment in a broad philosophical manner.

Is it possible to speak of local dialects of the terrain? Are the artists presenting specific viewpoints of the landscape within a contextual framework? What are the influences of hyper-techno landscapes surrounding the vernacular in virtual worlds, interactive design, gaming, locative/mobile technologies and web culture?

What we see in this exhibition is an eclectic anthropological view of our world. These artists explore and engage in interdisciplinary practices and hybrid processes that go beyond any single art form.

IDAprojects creates a scenario of open disciplines, and is an inclusive hub promoting narrative drawing on social and physical structures that make up the environment we live in. The intention is to guide people into a reading about their terrain and of the ‘other’. The result is an interrogation of locality and its history. This relationship incorporates global consumerist culture, the convergence of new models of spatial thinking, vernacular creativity, popular culture, corporate branding and hybrid economies.

IDAprojects is supported by the Yokohama Art Project/City of Yokohama, Queensland University of Technology, Beijing Film Academy and Platform China Art Institute. IDAprojects has also received assistance from the Australia China Council and the Australian Embassy in China.

IDAprojects - short profile:

Founded by Stephen Danzig in 1999, IDAprojects was the first nexus of its kind providing a platform for academia, research technologies and professional art practices in building a new discourse.  The past seven years the IDAprogram has grown to feature a national and international touring exhibition with an aim to present leading artists from around the world who engage in new media arts and research technologies. Major institutions and museums support IDAprojects as an important voice in new media and contemporary arts.

IDAprojects is developing a strategic partnership with the Beijing Film Academy and Queensland University of Technology - Creative Industries Precinct to further develop it's curatorial directive over the next 3 years.

Important contacts have been put in place in New York, Japan and 798 district in Beijing to provide further support to the IDAprojects program.

The IDAprogram reflects a continuing commitment to our cultural identities, research education, new technologies and professional arts practices.

Importantly this will nurture the next generation of digital and new media artists by providing a venue which builds on the substantial cultural and trading links that Australia, China, and Japan already share.

IDAprojects - exhibition profile:

Digital art is an interdisciplinary practice, a hybrid process in which artists engage with practices and outcomes that go beyond any single art form. The collaborative partnering with other disciplines such as science, ecology, philosophy and engineering continues to build a new contextual language within the digital aesthetic.

IDAprojects presents works by leading Australian, Chinese, Japanese and other international artists who we feel are contributing important work to the contemporary time-line.

IDAprojects Team and Partners

Stephen Danzig, Founder/Director, iDAprojects
Ryuji Enokida, Director Yokohama Art Project
Xu Dawei, Lecturer New Media Art, BFA
Lubi Thomas, Public Programs and Curator, QUT

Exhibition Design:
Lubi Thomas, Public Programs and Curator, QUT

Advisory Committee:
Pauline Doutreluingne, Assistant Director Platform China Art Institute
Matthew Perkins, Studio Coordinator Photomedia, Monash University
Professor Peter Lavery, Director Creative Industries Precinct, QUT
Professor Wang Hong Hai, Dean of Fine Art, BFA
Professor Liu Xugang, Director New Media Studies, BFA

Research Assistants:
Benjamin Milton Hampe
Kate Woodcroft (QUT Creative Projects Intern 2007)

Regional Exhibitions:
Benjamin Milton Hampe

Information for media, sponsorship and exhibitions contact:

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Stephen Danzig - Director

Lubi Thomas - Programming Coordinator

Benjamin Milton Hampe - Marketing/Public Relations



2007 IDAprojects at 798 Art Festival Beijing

2006 iDAP Exhibition Banner Beijing China


06/07 IDA China

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