James Edwards

Postal Address:

351 George Sumner Dr.

Columbia, SC 29212-8342



Titles of Work:

Abu Ghurayb -DG, 2003

Al Sujud - DG 2003

Tharthr - DG, 2003

Artist Statement


My work focuses on the enigmas created by location, behavior and memory. Illusory terrain models constructed from Geographic Information Science, satellite photographs, scanned objects and an empirical drawing process combine to create a digital print with a complex, layered space. I do not intend to suggest cause and effect relationships between these elements, or clichˇd reminiscence, but rather a controlled displacement of space, referring to the complexity of social, political, and human issues.

Creating the Locations series requires the use of both PC and Macintosh operating systems. Geographic data is located on the Internet and downloaded.  ArcView, a software program for translating statistical data into visual form, is used to build, terrain models of landscapes. These are exported into PhotoShop, combined with scanned objects, small drawings, and manipulated further. The finished artworks form limited editions of archival prints that represent a synthesis of science and art. Computer technology extends traditional areas of art: drawing, collage and photomontage.




James Edwards was born in New York City, and grew up in Pasadena, California.  He received his B. A. in Art and M.F.A. degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

            During his career, Edwards has worked with drawing, painting, video, photography and digital computer media, and has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the South Carolina Arts Commission. He has exhibited internationally in over 150 exhibitions. Recent awards for his digital prints include: Honorable Mention, Digitally Propelled Ideas 2002, ContributorÕs Award, 15th Northern National Art Competition; Juror's Award, Halpert Biennial Juried Competition; Museum Purchase Award, LaGrange National XXI Biennial Exhibition; Third Place Award, Current Work 2001: A National Competition, Fayetteville State University, NC; Best Print Award, Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show, and the Festival Award, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. His works are also included in over 30 public and corporate collections.

            Currently he is a professor in the department of art at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. His work and career may be reviewed at his web site: www.cla.sc.edu/art/faculty/edwards