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The image of the human body has been a great protagonist in art practices world wide during the last decade. However, in the hands of artistas latinas (Latin American female artists), it has developed in a special way. Here, the body visually matured as a socio-political post-expressionism, with a special focus on gender and cultural identity. In this context, my work is an exploration on the question of the female body – some times heroic or archetypal, other times suffering- but always related to reformulate the culturally accepted ideas about woman, in general, and her social role in Latin America, in particular


The Conquest Series alludes in a first level to the conquest of the Americas by the European while is a reflection on the female role in the experience of exile, whether voluntarily or not, and her responsibility in the reorganization of the human family at the beginning of this XXI Century. The series visually explores the relationship between mapping bodies and mapping the earth. These body maps are critically discussing political issues and the time that they portray the erotic, economic and commercial fantasies or expectation invested in the female body.


In these circumstances of loss of personal identity, women take on added oppressions based on gender, in addition to those to which they are subjected as immigrants.  Moreover, they bear the burden of reconstructing their families in new contexts which take away their traditional frames of reference.  As women are obliged to recreate and reconstitute both a personal and social identity, they appeal to a shared set of collective aspirations.  It is memory, history, treasured or mundane objects, cultural norms, religious beliefs, and the sense of belonging all which play roles in the creation of new modes of living. These new modes are themselves unstable, and changing in a world which is also in constant flux and  movement.





Alicia Candiani is an international Argentine artist and independent scholar based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is graduated of the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, where received a Master in Fine Art and a degree in Architecture. In the same university she led the Printmaking and Art History Departments and taught all major printmaking techniques for 15 years. She did postgraduate studies on Latin American Art at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and specialized in innovative printmaking and digital imaging techniques at the Iowa State University in the United States. She lectures widely about new and digital media in graphic arts and her articles has been published nationally and internationally. She has been selected by the Argentine National Academy of Fine Arts as one in ten best graphic artists in her country in 1998, 2000 and 2004. Currently, she is the director of “Proyecto <A-Ce>” an international art center focused on printmaking, design and new media which is located in her home city.


Alicia Candiani’s work has been shown in over 300 shows and one-person exhibitions since 1977. She has exhibited these works extensively, both nationally and internationally, and had been selected for inclusion in many prestigious international juried exhibitions including Norwegian Print Biennial in Norway; Intergrafia: World Award Winners Exhibition, Krakow and  Majdanek Triennials in Poland, Biennial Master of Graphic Arts in Hungry; Triennial of Graphic Arts in Bitola, Macedonia; Triennial of ChamaliŹrs in France, Sapporo, Kanagawa and Kochi Print Biennials and Triennials in Japan, Biennial of Graphic Art, Slovenia; Seoul Print Biennial in Korea, German Exhibition of Graphic Art in Germany, as well as Portraits Exhibitions in Bosnia Herzegovina. In the United States she was invited to participate of the traveling exhibitions “Global Matrix” (2002), “Latin American Artists: a traveling exhibition of 36 contemporary Latin American artists” (1997 through 1999) and “Paper Vision V: Works on paper by 30 contemporary Latin American artists” (1994). In Asia, her work has been included in three major exhibitions celebrating the 2000-year: Reveals-Harmonize in Macao, Y2K International Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan and Millennium ’00 in Yokohama, Japan and more recently in Asia Print Adventure (2003) in Japan. Her works are the recipient of numerous major international awards such as the Mention of Honor at the Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Print Art (India,2004) Grand Diploma for Graphics at the X INTERBIFEP: International Biennial of Portraits, Drawings and Prints (Bosnia&Herzegovina, 2002); Grand Prix at the Ural Print Triennial (Russia, 2001); Honorable Diploma at the 3rd International Triennial of Graphics Arts in Bitola, Macedonia (2000); Grand Prix City of Varna at the International Print Biennial Varna ’99, Bulgaria (1999), 1st Prize at the XI San Juan's Print Biennial for Latin American and the Caribbean Countries (Puerto Rico,1995), Special Prize at the International Print Triennial Kanagawa '98, Japan and the Sponsor's Prize at the 4thSapporo International Print Biennial (1998), Japan; 2nd Prize at the International Print exhibition in Ourense, Spain (1994) as well as won many national awards in her native country. Her scholarships have included residences at the University of Boston (2004) Inky Paper Series, University of Wyoming (2002), Atelier Presse Papier in Trois Riviéres, Canada (1999); Frans Masereel Centre for the Graphics in Kasterlee, Belgium (1997) and Iowa State University in Iowa, United States (1991-92).  Her work can be found in private and public collections in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Alicia has been very active in her scholarly contributions to her profession. She has presented numerous topics to the field of graphic arts through her participation in conferences, teaching and lecturing widely on various aspects of art, printmaking and digital media.  She has been invited as a guest professor and lecturer at numerous institutions over the world as International Center for Graphics Arts in Slovenia (2004); Egyptian Ministry of Culture (2003); Casa de las Américas (2003), U.N.E.S.C.O. (United Nations for Education, Sciences and Culture Organization); Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Centre and Ministry of Culture in Cuba (2002), Free University of Varna, Bulgaria (2001); the International Print Triennial in Prague, Czech Republic (2001); Rutgers University (2004), University of Michigan (2003), University of Connecticut (2003), University of Wyoming (2002), University of Kansas (2002), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2002), University of  Miami University/Florida International University (2000), Ohio University (1998), Iowa State University (1993,1995), Southern Graphic Council (1998,2000), Mid American Print Council (2002) and the Graphic Arts Studios (1995-1996) in the United States; Museograbado and the Zacatecas Institute of Culture(2004) and University of Guanajuato (1999) in Mexico; the San Juan Print Biennial,  the University of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture, Interamericana University and the School of Arts in Puerto Rico (1995, 1998, 2000, 2001); the University of the West of England in Bristol, England (1999); the Atelier Livre in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2000); the International Print Biennial of Trois Rivieres in Canada (1999), the National University of Cordoba, National Museum of Fine Prints, National School of Fine Arts, the Northern University and the Goethe Institute (1986 through 2000) in Argentina, among others. She has been appointed as a member of the International Jury at the Ural Print Triennial (UFA,Russia Federation, 2004); Egyptian Print Triennial (El Cairo, Egypt, 2003), San Juan Print Biennial (San Juan,Puerto Rico, 2001), International Triennial of Graphic Arts Prague (Czech Republic,2001), Lessedra Print Exhibition (Sofia, Bulgaria,2004) and the Young Print Biennial (Havana, Cuba, 2003). Her articles has been published national and internationally.