Sandra Crisp



Sandra Crisp has been based in London for over ten years, since arriving to study MA fine art printmaking at Wimbledon school of Art in 1993.

Since graduating, the Artist has progressed from the specialised area of traditional printmaking (lithography)- to new media techniques such as digital collages & online movies.

Fascinated by research into new ways of exploring time & space using contemporary digital media such as moving image, the artist creates sequences of still images stretched over time to create narratives that reflect subjective views of contemporary themes.

‘Search and Find’ interactive flash movie on the artists featured on the artists website and on is an example of this.

Digital collage works (‘archive’ series 2004) combine eclectic information such as digital camera shots of the urban environment, appropriated media images and website maps and graphics. Most recently, stills taken from live online web cams in distant locations have been used to form collages such as ‘NY via webcam’ and ‘Capture series’. Furthering the manipulating different differently sourced digital materials between different computer software

As a way to create a more interactive experience for the viewer than usual wall mounted ink jet prints- digital collage have been exhibited as industrial light box installations ( ‘Minus One’ Aldwych Underground Station, Jan 2004)  Also, more recently screened with Max10 group at Newlyn Art Gallery (Penzance, Cornwall, Oct 04) as a time lapse video projection