The Anti-Sublime: Wilderness, Portraiture and the Grotesque           

Colour Digital Self-Portraits within the Tasmanian Wilderness

JJ Voss           Artist’s Statement October 2004



Over twenty-five years of photographing people other than myself I have gained insights into aspects of celebrity, fame and infamy. Issues regarding power relations and photographic ethics recurred.


Intrusiveness and objectification are claimed to be inherent in unposed photography of people. Via disrupting subjects’ idealised self-images I discovered such photographic practice was often an inadvertent trigger for suffering subjects’ indignation, or worse. Self-portraiture, then, seemed like a perfect way to ‘level’ the process of ‘objectification’ - in a subjective manner! The camera, now turned back to front, became a vehicle to exercise the same process of critical enquiry on myself.


I began to think an anti-iconic form of mythology could take shape - an ethos far removed from the cult of celebrity. Images of non-celebrities might operate on a much deeper psychological and emotional level for viewers than ‘star shots’.


Then, after reflecting on self-portrait works by Moffatt, Coplans, Parr and Sherman, and Sobieszek’s Camera I essay, it became apparent that self-portraiture - overtly person-specific, even self-centred - could often strike surprisingly broad chords of recognition. That’s a delicious tension: coexisting alongside tenets of camera intrusion and personal idiosyncrasy.


This series also partly articulates my experiences as an outsider. Formerly an outsider photographing others - paparazzo artist and photo-phalanxer of the Media, now, one who is neither logger, tourist nor radical conservationist and one who is, in some degree, outside himself.


Another central interest in the series is the relationship between the subject and the natural environment. Many now regard non-urban and non-bucolic domains to be no longer threatening or limitless. The extreme of that philosophy is demonstrated by an attitude of reverence - almost guilt - for one’s simple presence in wilderness. It seems some wish to ‘disappear’ or at least be ‘transparent’ in their presence. Commercial co-opting of images of the wilderness provides an interesting corroboration - in such images one usually sees majestic vistas, in sunny detail, perhaps sparingly dotted with small-scaled humans who are there to pay, look and then leave.


This series is irreverent, after the works of Tasmanian wilderness photographers such as Truchanas, Dombrovskis and Bell. Despite deeply appreciating images by those and other photographers, I’m very cautious about sweeping assumptions that either lie behind or are brought to such imagery. It’s often just too close to National Geographic’s brand of upbeat naēve photoidealism. Idealised paragons of wilderness imagery are just that, and often don’t convey senses of factual realities of those locations - such as poor weather or the physical trials of getting there, or, don’t adequately convey personal, psychological or emotional aspects of being there.


Humour and incongruity are also elements used, which seek to question the way both ‘natural’ locations and middle-aged less-than-glamorous persons tend to be regarded by an image-preoccupied and evaluative Public.


In his conflated occupation of the picture frame the human subject demonstrates arcane and romantic aspects of middle-aged Australiana maleness including: a gauche self-reliance, laconic grotesqueness and a hint larrikinism. Perhaps his unfashionable, slightly eccentric looming over the scene might provoke further thoughts about the dynamic between humans and the land.


This series is not so much ‘environmental portraiture’, but where portraiture ruptures landscape and the person depicted predominates over landscape. Here, self-scrutiny doesn’t simply serve as a departure point for anthropological or sociological conjecture; it also calls into question the conventions and politics of wilderness imagery. It’s a contemporary heresy where 'famous', 'timeless' and 'natural' locations act merely as pictorial stage sets, and the human subject obscures half the view. It’s a bit like relegating the wilderness to scenic art backdrop status, as evidenced in early Hollywood film productions And, I contend, it’s close to the opposite of the Nineteenth Century conception of sublimeness experienced within the wilderness.






John (J.J.) Voss, PhD                           CURRICULUM VITAE



BORN: 1955, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia


CURRENTLY:    based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


Photographic artist, photojournalist, photomedia educator, image analyst and consultant




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2003     Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania, Hobart

1996     Australian Postgraduate Award, Australian Government

1991     Master of Fine Art, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart

1990     Arts Tasmania Travel Grant, Tasmanian Government

1989     Commonwealth Postgraduate Award, Australian Government

1988     Bachelor of Fine Art, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart

1985     Associate Diploma of Art, Craft and Design, School of Art, University of Tasmania




2004     TWENTY-ONE Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury

1999     Inaugural PhD (Fine Art) Candidature Exhibition, Plimsoll Gallery,

University of Tasmania, Hobart

1996     Ratio Decedendi III, Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury

1996     Ratio Decedendi III, Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart

1995     Ratio Decedendi II, Horsham Art Gallery, Horsham

1993     Ratio Decedendi, University of Tasmania Gallery, Launceston

1992     Photophobia II (Parties), Roches Restaurant (opposite Parliament House), Hobart

1990     Photophobia, The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

            Photophobia, Chameleon Contemporary Artspace, Hobart



2005     About Face, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

2004     Ulrick & Schubert Photography Award, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Surfers Paradise

2004     Surface Tension: The Artist in the Image, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

2004-03 The Self-Portrait Show, Artholes Mirrorframes Gallery, Gertrude St., Melbourne

2003     Launceston City Art Prize (selected section) Academy Gallery, SVPA, Launceston

2003     National Photographic Purchase Award, Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury

2003     Travelling the Roundabout, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Launceston

2003     The Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart

2003-02 There, Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart

2002     Hats Off to Rainlover, Academy Gallery, School of Visual and Perf. Arts, Launceston

2002     Spur, Academy Gallery, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Launceston

2002     Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2001     National Photographic Purchase Award, Albury Regional Art Gallery

1999     Me (The Self-Portrait) Fine Arts Gallery, UTas at Hobart, and Artspace, Sydney

1997-95 Superfictions 4&2, Australian national and then international tour

1995     Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

1994     Agfa National Invitation Photographic Award, Albury Regional Art Centre

1994-93 Kodak Acquisition Fund 10th Anniversary Show, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

1992     Pivot, Despard Gallery, Hobart

Postcard Exchange Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

1990     Recent Acquisitions, The Australian National Gallery, Canberra

1989     UTas School of Art (Hobart) Promotional Show, South East Asia Tour

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1987-6   ETC, The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, then national tour

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2003-01           Full-time Head of Printmedia Studio, School of Visual and Performing Arts,

UTas, Launceston

1999               Full-time Head of Printmedia Studio, School of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston (Semester Two)

1997-95           Part-time Lecturer, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart

1994               Full-time Lecturer, School of Art and Cultural Heritage,

Charles Sturt University, Albury

1993               Full-time Lecturer, School of Creative Arts, Charles Sturt University, Albury




1998-95           Part-time Tutor, Adult Education, Tasmanian Government, Hobart

                      Part-time Lecturer, Department of Urban Design, UTas, Hobart,

1994               Relief Teaching, Riverina Institute of TAFE, Albury Campus

1992               Part-time Lecturer, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Launceston

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1992-85           Part-time Tutor, Adult Education, Tasmanian Government, Hobart

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1990-88           Part-time Tutor, Tasmanian State Institute of Technology, Hobart Study Centre

1988               Relief Teaching, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart




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1988 & 1987    Salamanca Arts Festival, Festival Photographer


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2003        Sub-Dean (Art); Chair, SVPA Research Committee; Member, Management Committee;

School of Visual and Performing Arts, UTas at Launceston

2002        Graduate and Postgraduate Exhibition Curator, SVPA, University of Tasmania at Launceston

1999        Acting Honours and Postgraduate Co-Ordinator (Art) SVPA, UTas, Launceston

Judge: Amnesty International Photographic Competition, Hobart

1997     Photography with Canberra Press Gallery (Federal Parliament) and in NSW Parliament

1996     Accredited Clinton Visit Photographer; Guest Lecturer, School of Art, UTas, Launceston

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1992     Speaker: Showing and Selling Seminar, School of Art, UTas, Launceston

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1991     Discussion Group Leader (Visual Arts), Arts Industry Conference, Hobart

1991     Honorary Research Associate, Photography Studio, School of Art, UTas, Hobart