James Faure Walker


1   Upper Street 2004 26”x 35” Epson archival inkjet print

2   Bank from 242 2004 24” x 24” Epson archival inkjet print

3   Flora 2004 20” x 21” Epson archival inkjet print




1      Bank from 242                                                                                                    The background field here is a pattern improvised out of raw drawings, and digital drawing. The main photo was taken from a 242 bus by Bank station in London in October 2004.




James Faure Walker (born 1948) studied at St Martins and the Royal College of Art. He was a founder of the magazine Artscribe in 1976, which he edited for eight years. He began using paint software in the mid eighties. Recent exhibitions include the DAM Gallery in Berlin, seven appearances at Siggraph (USA) since 1995, the John Moores, Prospects Drawing Prize, Digital Salon (USA), the London Group. In 1998 he won the ‘Golden Plotter’ prize at Computerkunst in Germany. He is Senior AHRB Research Fellow in Fine Art at Kingston University, where he teaches on the MA ‘Drawing as Process’ course. His book, ‘Blink: Painting through Digital Eyes’ will be published next year by Addison Wesley. He lives in London.