artists statement


The crossover between the human experience in both the digital and physical environments and the relationship between these two spaces has formed the basis a series of digital and analogue works, including; paintings, digital prints, interactive installations and rapid prototype sculptures.

Referencing details from the graphical user interface these digital prints combine computer based source material with images from the ‘real’ world, configured together in a kind of hybrid reality. The reference points of the physically and digitally grounded imagery becoming in some cases less defined, and in other cases overtly emphasised. However, within the works there is always a visual duality, an interplay between real and virtual forms. In this visual feedback loop the clues of originality can become increasingly hard to differentiate - or increasingly irrelevant, a state of ‘deterritorialisation’.


These images are created through a combination of original digital photography, manipulated with computer based image processing software, and the reprocessing of visual components from various graphical user interfaces.




short bio


Ian Gwilt is a Digital Artist, a lecturer in Visual Communications at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia, and an adjunct Fellow in Computer Graphic Design at Waikato University, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, New Zealand. With an MA in Interactive Multimedia, conferred by the University of Balears (UIB) Spain, and the Royal College of Art (RCA) London; he was the recipient of the Adobe Innovative Interface design award at the RCA, Circuit show in 1995. Gwilt has shown interactive art installations and digital print work at a number of international new media events and galleries including, the Transmediale Berlin film festival, Siggraph, Mila, IV02 and ARCADEIII.