Erik Donovan JohnsonÕs Artist Bio for IDAA 2005



I live in Nederland Colorado, where IÕve been working as a software developer since graduating from the University of Colorado in 1991 with a degree in Architecture.  I grew up around art, since my mother was a successful mixed-media painter.  During and after college, my media of choice was pen&ink.  I dabbled with digital media, but the computers were too slow to be fun.  Over time, that changed and the computers and software became very powerful and I really started exploring the realm of digital art using Photoshop, Fractal Painter and CorelDRAW.  But once again I became frusterated with digital media because my works would invariably be trapped in the computer.  Quality prints via an Iris printer were very expensive and prone to fade.  Desktop inkjet printers had poor print quality, faded badly and were too small.  But that too changed.  Last year (2003) I purchased an Epson 7600 large format printer with pigmented inks and digital art became fun again!  Unfortunately with the big printer, my computer is again starting to feel slow.  My most recent digital collage with all the layers was over a gigabyte!  LetÕs hope MooreÕs Law continues a while longer!


My first entry is English Kaleidoscope, a digital collage of about 35 photographs from a trip my wife and I took to England in 1997.  This piece was my first after getting the big printer, the original is 24x30 inches at 360dpi.  My goal at the start was just to scan and print a bunch of photos in a grid to see how they looked.   But it was more fun to merge the pictures together into a single composition.  Can you find my wife?


My second entry is Incan Interlude, a digital collage of about 60 photo scans from a trip we took to Peru in 2002 during Inti-Rayme, an Incan festival in Cuzco.  This is a triptych put into one long piece for IDAA.  Each piece was created at 22x20 inches at 360dpi. 


My third entry is Guatemaya, a digital collage of about 80 digital and scanned photographs from our 2004 trip to Guatamala.  This collage combines images from the Mayan ruins at Tikal and the Easter processions in Antigua.  This piece was created to be 24x48 inches at 360dpi.


My pen & ink and earlier digital works can be seen at my virtual gallery at







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