Man, Chi Wah

Flat B, 6/F, Block 5, Sceneway Gardens, Lam Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(852) 62883515



Man, Chi Wah

Flat B, 6/F, Block 5, Sceneway Gardens, Lam Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(852) 62883515

Titles & Description

Title: ChineseGarden_1


The idea of Chinese garden reflects the philosophy of how Chinese people preceive the world: they desire

to relate a cosmic ideal with manŐs own image and role within it. They made all effort to harmonize nature

with them on a reduced scale or in a modified form. It never meant to be monumental. The art of

gardening in China is intimate, human and sophisticated thing. It is not mainly a place for recreation. It is

essentially for contemplation and solitude. To the Chinese, the whole world was a garden and the beauties

of nature were everybodyŐs proporty.

I think that it is very interesting for me who live in a synthetic world and use such high end

technology as computer to convey the idea of how people enjoy nature and his attempt to enhance it.


All my works are my self portraits: they reflect and give me access to examine my feelings, my thoughts,

my experience, my conditions -- my life. I strive to overcome fears and embrace dicoveries and changes.

...... The flying motif happened several times in my digital prints. I always dreamt that I could fly. In real

life I experienced a lot of restrictions. When I was a kid, I was told what my role was, what was right or

wrong, what I should or shouldnŐt do. I had to fullfil othersŐ wishes. My family, my teachers and my friends

had a lot of expectations for me. I felt heavy with a whole bunch of burdens. I wanted to get rid of

everything and fly freely.




2002 Fall - now Instructor I, Dept of Cinema & TV, Hong Kong Baptist University

Courses teaching: 3D Animation, Adv. Animation and Special

effects, Art Direction and Production Design, 2D Computer

Graphics, Motion Graphic Design

2002 Summer PT Lecturer, IVE(Shatin)

Courses taught: Applied Design Technology, Creative Illustration

2002 Spring PT Teacher, Supreme Professional Computer College

Course taught: Web Design

1999 Fall Teaching Assistant, Dept of Print Making, Pratt Institute

Course taught: Computer and Art

1983 - 1998 Art & Design Subject Panel, Lingnan Secondary School


2002 Feb MFA in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media

Pratt Institute, NY

1991 Oct Dip. Ed. in Fine Arts

School of Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong

1983 Dec Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professional Skills

Traditional Skills: Drawing, Painting(Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media), Ceramic, Photography,

Printmaking(Woodcut, Etching, Silkscreen), Monotype

Software proficiency: Adobe After Effects 6, Adobe Golive 5, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS,

Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro 4, Apple QTVR Authoring Studio 1,

Alias Maya 6, ArtMatic 3, BBEdit 6, BIAS Deck 3.0, BIAS Peak 2.6, Corel Bryce 5,

Corel Knockout 2, Corel Painter 8, Fontographer, Macromedia Director MX,

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Fireworks MX, Macromedia Flash MX,

Macromedia Freehand 11, MetaSynth 2.7, Poser 5, QuarkXPress 5, Rebirth 2,

Studio Artist 2, SoundEdit 16, soundsaVR 1.2, Quantel EditBox, HTML/Javascript

OS proficiency: Macintosh OS 9 Classic & OS X, Windows XP

2004 -- Bishkek International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Kyrgyzian

National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyzian

2003 -- aniGma - The First International Festival of Digital Imaging

& Animation, Novosibirsk, Russia

2002 -- The New York Digital Salon Live Exhibition & Online Aution

2001 -- InnerSpace, CGIM Gallery, Pratt Institute, USA

-- Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2001

-- The Eighth New York Digital Salon, Madrid, Spain

-- The Eighth New York Digital Salon, Universidad de Valladolid,

Valladolid, Spain

-- The Eighth New York Digital Salon, Instituto de Cultura Jovellanos,

Gijon, Spain

-- Digital Mural Project, the Print Center, Philadelphia, USA