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2001 PhD candidate, Faculty of the Arts, the Art History department, Tel Aviv University.


1999 M.Sc. Industrial Design, Technion I.I.T. Thesis subject: 'Art Internet Interaction'.


1984 B.F.A. "Bezalel" Art Academy, Jerusalem.


1976 Practical Engineer in Electronics at the "Junior Technical Collage", Haifa.


1987- Working at the Signal Processing Lab. Department of ElectricalEngineering Haifa Technion I.I.T.


1997- Teaches "Computer Art" and "3D Visualization" in Art Department of Haifa University, Art Department of 'Oranim' the 'Kibutzim' seminary, Tivon, 'The 'Wizo' Collage of Design and Teachers training- Haifa, 'SciTech' Technion .I.I.T. and " Bet -Sefer Lehistalmuyot Morim" in Haifa.


1992- Teaches "Basic Design" in the Faculty of Architecture in Technion.





Selected exhibitions and works.



*          2004 - National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucatesti/Romania BIG_OPTICS Part of [R][R][F] 2004---->XP.



*          2004 - New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Thailand BIG_OPTICS Part of [R][R][F] 2004---->XP.



*          2004 - International Digital Art Awards exhibition IDAA NEW MEDIA FINALIST



*          2004 - REMAKES OF TRAVELLING a-site.org.



*          2004 - MACHINISTA 2004 Art from the Machine.



*          2004 - Videoformes 2004 XIXeme MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONAL D'ART VIDEO ET MULTIMEDIA. Clermont-Ferrand,France.



*          2003 - Cinematheque at MediaCentre Le Musee di-visioniste.



*          2003 - Group Exhibition. CENTRO DE ARTE MODERNO Madrid, Spain.



*          2003 - Group Exhibition. VCA gallery University of Melbourne, Australia.



*          2003 - THIRD PLACE GALLERY Sweden.



*          2003 - MAD«03 2nd international meeting of experimental arts in Madrid, Spain.



*          2003 - maem 2003. II muestra de arte electronico villa de mostoles, Mostoles, Madrid. Spain.



*          2003 - Les 16es Instants Video de Manosque,France. BIG_OPTICS, selection for the festival.



*          2003 - Electronic Arts festival of Bogota Colombia. BIG_OPTICS, selection for the festival.



*          2003 - The FIFI 2003 selections (France) New Talents.



*          2003 - [diatopia] Stemnitsa, Arcadia, and art space GazonRouge, Athens and internet.



*          2003 - Stockholm Challenge BIG_OPTICS project participant.



*          2003 - Art Sublime Exhibition.



*          2003 - FILE- electronic language international festival. Brasil. Selected artists.



*          2003 - MAKOM - the omniplace. Interactive video online



*          2003 - mt0003 - international forum medienturm Graz, Austria.



*          2003 - '3 Generations Lullaby'. machfeld.net, Viena Austria.



*          2003 - AmsterdamEditions*- artists run website.



*          2003 - BIG_OPTICS. Interactive videoart on line - (homage to Paul Virilio).



*          2003 - CODEART 2003 The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel.



*          2003 - Gallerythe http://gallerythe.org/artist/rosen/rosen.html



*          2003 - international digital art awards (IDAA) Self Portrait 1,2&3 . Top 100 images.



*          2002 - Experimental Poetry Performance and International Techno- Poetry SectionRome University III -DAMS, ITALY. New Media Poetry.



*          2002 - Curator of 'Siesta Games' - Ana Camusso & David Wapner Janco-Dada Museum, Ein - Hod, Israel.



*          2002 - 'V Computer Art Biennale' Rzeszow Poland.



*          2002 - Body_Slide interactive work.



*          2002 EXPLORA, Digital Art Project 2002. Rachel and Israel Polak Gallery, Tel-Aviv Illustration of works .



*          2002 - international digital art awards (IDAA) PRESS#1, PRESS2 . Top 100 images.



*          2002 art-platform Gallery art-platform.com



*          Pixxelpoint 2001, Nova Gorica, Slovenia.Video:"Self portrait2" .



*          2001, microMuseum.Body / Aura extension, Parallel space

Video: Untitled #1



*          2001 'Untitled#1' Video Art 4' 24". 14 es INSTANTS VIDEO MANOSQE. FRANCE. Video: Untitled #1



*          2001 CYBER ARTS INTERNATIONAL COMPEDIUM PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 01, Lintz Aostria.Net & interactive section participation .



*          2001 'Meimad Mishtane'- Art & Technology. Kastra Gallery Haifa.



*          2000 Net Art Guide book. Fraunhofer Electronic Business Innovationszentrum.



*          2000 art-ommaDec. 00 -Jan. 01 issue



*          2000 Wigged.net bi-monthly webzine that is focused on bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works over the internet.



*          2000 Pixxelpoint computer art festival- Nova Gorica, Slovenia



*          2000 Body/Aura extension, Amplifies artistic capabilities and range.

more details.



*          2000 WWAR.COM World Wide Arts Resources.



*          2000 Consciousness Reframed 2000 Conference Centre for Advanecd Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAiiA), University of Wales College, Newport. 'Parallel Space' paper, and presentation.



*          2000 FILE - Electronic Language International Festival Museu da Imagem e do Som, Sao Paulo city, Brazil .



*          2000 Poevisioni 2000 - VIDEOpoesia e video digitali .



*          2000 ZINE new media - a journal of new media experimental visual literary theory practice.



*          2000 'When we were kids' Exhibition of the Haifa University Art department teachers.



*          2000 INFOS 2000 (off-line) "net.art" contest site open until the 15th of July.



*          2000 The Ninth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW9) Amsterdam. 'Parallel Space' paper, accepted within the "Advanced User Interface"session.

MEDICI Organization Site.



*          2000 Netzkunstler netzwissenschaft.de



*          2000 'IV Computer Art Biennale' Rzeszow Poland.



*          1999 VII International Biennale of Theatre Posters,Rzeszow Poland.The poster.



*          1999 1st_Medi@terra_festival. 1999. Fournos. Athens / net section / sites .Free Art site.

The CD-ROM VR_BODY was pre-selected to enter the final face of the Mediterraneanand Balkan Festival.



*          1999 CYBER ARTS INTERNATIONAL COMPEDIUM PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 99,Net & interactive section participation .




*          1999 University of Haifa, DEPT.of FINE ARTSMultimedia course site .Special award of the committee for educational innovations. Bulletin.




*          1999 'Haifa-Art' Internet center. Winner of Haifa arts foundation competition.




*          1999 The XI international computer art forum 'Computer Space' 99, Sofia, Bulgaria.




*          1999 "Parallel space" .Computer and Internet Interactive Installation Video:"Parallel space"




*          1999 Artists and technology, art exhibition, 'Beck' Science Center, Jerusalem. ''Variable Dimension'




*          1999 WWW ART SITE. DUCHINP



*          1999 'Kaye' college of education Be'er Sheva. Virtual art: Matter versus Mind, symposium



*          1998 Healing and meditation site. Background text.



*          1998 'Art-Internet Interaction'. Paper and demonstration of interactive multimedia VR art work. University of Wales College, Newport. CAiiA 'CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED II'.



*          1998 'New Order Art' paper and Virtual interactive multimedia Computer Art installation - The Fourth International Congress and Exhibition, Technion, Haifa Israel. 'ISIS SYMMETRY'



*          1998 X International computer art forum 'Computer Space 98' and international symposium Sofia, Bulgaria. interactive multimedia VR Computer Art. 'The Violence of Information' and paperThe Artist as a cultural identity provider



*          1998 III prize 'III Computer Art Biennale' Rzeszow Poland warsawvoice text. VR_BODY1 print.



*          1998 International Festival for Architecture in Video Florence (Italy). "UNTITLED" VR multimedia Interactive work.image|architettura in movimento.



*          1997 CYBER ARTS INTERNATIONAL COMPEDIUM PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 97,Net section participation .



*          1997 "Shimshon and Delilah Now" Exhibition The Corine Maman Ashdod Museum. Computer multimedia Interactive VR space displayed in the museum and Internet. "Shimshon and Delilah Now"



*          1997 'The Virtual 3D Art Gallery on the Internet'. Paper and demonstration of multimedia Interactive VR art work. University of Wales College, Newport.CAiiA 'CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED'.



*          1996 DNP AWARD'96 network art exhibition, Space5.



*          1996 Ciber@RT'96, Spain.Participants



*          1996 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 96,Net section participation .



*          1996 'Artist/Industry' Binyaney-Ha'uma,Jerusalem Catalog 'Art-Industry '95 Exhibition' Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture.


*          1996 Art in the Information Age The Gallery@PrePRESS . Computer works.



*          1996 'Gallery on the Internet ˙ A New Era in Art.' One Small Step for the Mouse ˙ a Geat Step for Art. "Mishkafayn" Dec.1996 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem."Mishkafayn"



*          1996 'HTTP://ART' 'Kol-Bo' 02/08/96 p. 90-92.



*          1996 Exhibition of Artworks in Internet of My students in the Faculty of Architecture (Basic Design course) in Technion.Exhibition.



*          1996 'The Virtual 3D Art Gallery on the Internet and computer art' lecture. Symposium of the Israeli Computer Music Forum (IL-CMF). The Center for Technological Education Holon Israel. Gallery.



*          1995 BEYOND HUMACHINES "Bad Subjects" issue #18, Feb. 1995UC Berkeley. Paper on Art in technological era. BEYOND HUMACHINES



*          1995 'Stormy Waters' Glasgow university Scotland. International Internet Art exhibition.'Stormy Waters'



*          1995 SIGGRAPH Internet Art Guid click.



*          1995 Portraits in Cyberspace MIT Media Laboratory.Images.



*          1995 "PANIM": Faces of Art and Culture in Israel March/April 1995. (Information Division, Israel Foreign Ministry - Jerusalem) 'ISRAELI ART ON THE INTERNET'.



*          1994 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 94,Computergraphic section participation .



*          1994 "Computer Art Installation" "Bezalel 1" Art Gallery Jerusalem. Specially designed for the historic 'Bezalel' building computer based installation, including computers video camera and large computer prints.'Avi Rosen Exhibition' catalog, Bezalel Art Academy Jerusalem, 1994.Images.



*          1994 "Seriality/Randomness" Computer based installation, catalog Kalisher Five Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel.


*          1994 ISEA94 Media Lounge, Helsinki Finland. "Tikshuv 2000" Net project presentation.


*          1994 'Private Art Gallery on Internet' www site of my artworks, first of this sort in Israel, started may, 1994. Dudi Goldman 'Internet a narrow junction', Yediot-Aharonot, financial supplement, Aug. 17. 1994. p. 8.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac - Volume 2, No. 9 mitpress Oct. 1994 and Leonardo Electronic Almanac -Volume 2, No. 12mitpress Dec. 1994



*          1994 REIFF II Virtual Museum Aachen Germany. Exhibition of my works.REIFF II



*          1994 'Art on the Net' Palo Alto USA . Curator of Israeli artistsexhibition on Internet. group exhibition and a private exhibition.



*          1993 FISE93 "Man-Machine" paper, Minneapolis, MN. USA. The role of museums, the 'original', and the means of art consumption. Demonstration of on line connection to Art Net Israel . Minneapolis college of art an design FISEA 93 catalog.


*          1993 "Tikshuv 2000", A experimental computer net supplying community services , in Carmiel Israel. A 'Art Net' service included with my computer works. Rivi Beler 'Mona Lisa in the PC' 'Ha'aretz' newspaper, Jun. 26, 1993. p. 3b.


*          1993 "A matchbox enclosed..." Computer animation of myself performing respiration to matchbox. the Yavne Art Workshop sent to artists all over the world empty matchboxes to tern it to art. animation



*          1992 'Computer Art Net' Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technion I.I.T. Haifa. A local 'Novell' net, to which I added art directory, with my artworks for students and faculty staff use. Limor Weisman, 'Electronic Van-Goch', 'Kol-Bo' newspaper, Haifa, Israel, Sep.9, 1992. p. 81.


*          1992 "Frames" the Gallery of the Art Workshop in Yavne. Computer based installation. Artworks downloaded from the Technion to gallery, manipulated, and printed by the local visitors. Center periphery relations, and art consumer creation freedom were examined. 'STUDIO' Art Magazine. Jan.1993. No. 40 p. 63. #Frames"



*          1992 'The Artist as Channel' Art Gallery Haifa University. Catalog 'The Artist as Channel', Art Gallery Haifa University Israel. 'STUDIO' Art Magazine, May 1992, No.33, p. 48.


*          1991 "Leaves" Artists' House Jerusalem. Video computer work showingcomputer animation superimposed on TV channel. 'Leaves' catalogue Artists'House Jerusalem 1991. animation


*          1991 Laser animation for "Wings" Discotheque in Haifa bay.


*          1991 "The Count" Jerusalem Film Festival. A 3 min. computer animation, with synthetic speech.


*          1990 "Computer Art" Gallery of the Faculty of Architecture in Technion. 'Amiga' computer produced artworks, animation, prints and photos. 'Mabat-Technion'. Technion, Haifa. Dec. '89. Issue .38. P.25.images



*          1990 "Arcadia" Haifa Museum of Modern Art. Computer based installation, relating human machine relations, includes animation, synthetic speech, video monitors, large computer prints 13 X 3 meter.Irit Miler 'Computerized Arcadia'. 'STUDIO' Art Magazine. Jan.1991. No.18 p. 42. "Arcadia"



*          1985 'FAX ART'. PC computer artworks transmitted by fax from Jerusalem to Haifa. This act shows an alternative way of creation and distribution art. Ora Brofman, 'HTTP://WWW.ART,' 'Kol-Bo' newspaper, Haifa, Israel, Aug. 2. 1996, pp. 90-93.


*          1984 "Young Artists' Exhibition" Artists' House Jerusalem. wood and phosphoric color paper Installation, include images from computer world. Catalog "Young Artists' Exhibition" Artists' House Jerusalem, 1984. Installation.



*          1983 ASCII code Art Bezalel Art Academy Jerusalem.



*          All the bibliographic and reference material, together with channel 1,2 and local video tapes on my artwork, can be also found at:The Gavriel Sherover Information Center of Israeli Art. Israel Museum Jerusalem. Tel: +972-2-6708018, or from the artist.