International Digital Art (IDA) will host the online exhibition of the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA) and present hard copy exhibitions.

Why you should enter:
1. The creative potency of the International Digital Art Awards has, in part, to do with the important artists entering the prestigious competition. The IDAA presents an alternative, planet-wide forum for digital artists and presents a dedicated program within a fine art context, rather than a prescribed industrial and/or academic platform of events.

2. The 2004 IDAA has a large web presence that grows daily. Online the numbers are impressive with several million people visiting the website annually. The IDAA has a supporting membership base of more than 75,000 persons consisting of artists, photographers, gallery/museum directors, academics and media specialists

3. The IDAA offers artists an opportunity to exhibit in major art galleries and museums across Australia and internationally. The IDAA includes both a public call and invitation program. The IDAA includes a printed publication in Desktop magaizne which participating artists receive free.

4. General:
• present the best artists who will be judged by a leading panel of their peers
• be the industry standard for digital fine art via online and hard copy exhibitions
• broaden the contextual understanding of all digital art to include digital still and new media styles.
• open a direct dialogue to an international audience from major museums, art directors, academics,
artist to corporate advertising and general public
• present networking and 3rd party opportunities to participating artists
• establish a comprehensive international database and list of digital art, artists and essays

Entries are now called for the 5th International Digital Art Award.

There is no charge to submit your work for the IDAA.

Related works to computer generated art including photo-media, image manipulation, mathematical, 3D, graphic design, digital illustration, web graphics and New Media.

*For New Media entries - artists will need to create a dedicated link to their web sites. No advertising or menu indexes allowed. Further details contact
email - idaa@internationaldigitalart.com


Read carefully:
You must include high and low resolution files on your CD.
Only 3 images can be entered.

1. Send entries on CD to:
2005 IDAA
PO BOX 437
Elsternwick 3185
Melbourne Australia

You MUST Include artists bio, titles and descriptions.

Preparation of images:

High resolution files: Tiff, PSD, EPS or JPEG
Resolution: 300 pixels per inch (some call this 300dpi)
Size: up to 24" X 24"

Low resolution files as JPEG
Resolution: 72 pixels per inch (some call this 72dpi)
Size: 400 pixels minimum and/or 150kb
Include artists bio, titles and descriptions as a word doc.

3. New Media entry:
Create a dedicated link to your web site. No advertising or indexes allowed and
email - idaa@internationaldigitalart.com

If you make the short list we will notify you, requests for personal updates will not be answered.

Deadline for entries:
30 November 2004

A panel of jurors (see jurors) will select 100 images from submitted entries which will be exhibited on IDA for 12 months and then archived as a permanent exhibition. The on-line exhibition will begin February 2005 and hard copy exhibitions to be announced.

The winners will be announced, notified and posted February 2005.

The IDAA encourages all interested parties to enter and be a part of this important award.

Click - 2005 Jurors


Online and hardcopy IDAA exhibition for participating artists - galleries and venues as listed.
Hard copy publication of the IDAA (all participating artists will receive).
The Maxxum 7 Digital SLR (1st)
DiMAGE A2 (2nd)
DiMAGE A1 (3rd)
1st - Studio MX 2004
2nd - Director MX 2004 and
3rd - Flash MX 2004
ADOBE Creative Suite Premium (Special Award)
Canto Software
Best PhotoEdition (color management software)
DESK TOP magazine subscriptions
Dimi subscriptions
Terry's Toffees

* Finalists who supply art work on CD will not be returned - they will be archived and only used for purposes outlined herein.
* IDA will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from, or incidental to, the IDAA.
* IDA will not be responsible for any freight or carrier charges associated with any entry.
* No payment will be made for reproduction of images and material supplied.
* The material supplied may be used by IDA for the IDAA exhibition which may include use of artist's names and or images for promotion of same including the IDAA exhibition publication. All requests by 3rd parties wanting to use IDAA images must obtain in writing permission from the IDAA Executive Chair. The artist retains copyright in the work all rights reserved.
* The material supplied may be used by IDA for the IDAA physical exhibition.
* If material supplied is suitable for use other than what's outlined herein, the people supplying that material will be contacted separately and permission sought by the Executive Chair.
* IDA has the right to change without notice the IDAA format, IDA will notify all parties of any change to the IDAA format within 24 hours of that change.
* IDA will seek sponsorship for the IDAA and will present prizes and or awards in accordance with their legal agreement and obligation to the sponsor.
* IDA can provide individual representation to artists making the IDAA top 100 exhibition by mutual agreement. Artists wishing to explore the benefits of IDA representation should contact IDA Director. Interest relating to the selling of an IDAA art work via IDA will be done by mutual agreement between IDA and the artist.
*The information and opinions expressed on any material contained in this web site including the IDAA is offered in good faith. It is a condition of reading and using this material that you recognize that we (anyone officially associated with International Digital Art, IDAA) accept no liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies, inadequacies, damages or costs you may incur or suffer as a result of making use of any of this material. By entering the IDAA, artists or their agents are guaranteeing that they own copyright in the work. The IDAA will take no responsibility for any artist or 3rd party breaching copyright law. The IDAA accepts all IDAA entries in good faith.
*Because of the large volume of entries received the initial judging will be done by the IDAA Director and a member of the executive who will then present selected images to the jury for final selection. Both stages of selction are done without bias and in good faith.
* The IDAA invites any 3rd party to voice their opinion or concern or suggestion relating to the IDAA by contacting IDAA Director Steve Danzig directly.
* The IDAA Executive will offer equal opportunity for all artists to enter the IDAA without bias. All general entries will be subjected to the same review process. The IDAA Executive can also invite artists to participate in the final exhibition.
* All information contain herein the IDAA web site is free information and available for public access. Any correspondence between the IDAA and 3rd parties will remain private and confidential.

IDAA reserves the right to:
If for any reason believes an artist's conduct in word or action to be detrimental or unlawful in any way, it will have the right to remove the artist's material immediately or take such action needed to resolve the situation. The IDAA will notify the artist of any such action taken against them within 24 hours of that action taking place. The Artist agrees upon entry to these terms and will not make any claim whatsoever against the IDAA or IDA and will accept all decisions as final - no correspondence will be entered into.
The IDAA Director can change the IDAA format or rules to protect it's position within the public arena but will notify all artists relating to that change.
Artists may submit a complaint, suggestion or query in writing by contacting the IDAA Director via email. The IDAA will promise in the spirit of the competition to consider all requests equally and without bias.
The IDAA and its associated promotional graphics are © Steve Danzig and International Digital Art