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International DIgital Art Awards 2003 Exhibition

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Executive Chair: steve danzig
Principal Juror: Laurence Gartel


By Wayne J Cosshall

As the IDAA continues to evolve, now in its third year, the 2003 IDAA marks a major stage of development. We have now integrated a small New Media pilot program. This marks a significant change as it demonstrates the commitment of the IDAA to cover all areas of current practice in Digital Art and to make the IDAA the all inclusive, most prestigious Digital Art Award internationally.

The quality of work entered for the 2003 Laurence Gartel Award for Excellence appears to be rising each year. Whilst it is very hard to judge trends, there does appear to have been a rise in ‘abstraction’ in this year’s entries. These ebbs and flows are important to an award like the IDAA. It adds interest as long-term IDAA followers may use such changes to stimulate debate. Are there changes afoot in the Digital Art world? Is there an evolution in the practice and direction of Digital Art? Or did everyone just loose the plot? Such things add value to the IDAA beyond a single year, making it a living sociological and art historical document.

As you examine the works in the top 100 IDAA entries, you will observe that all the major areas of Digital Art practice, as they relate to the still image, are represented. Mathematical/fractal, photo-manipulation, abstraction, natural media, are all present. That also makes the IDAA a stunning education resource, allowing anyone to gain insights into art practice as a whole and their own practice as a specific. The depth of the IDAA constantly keeps me in awe of that which I am involved with. It rewards careful study, from all angles and I commend the IDAA to you for such careful consideration. Whether you are viewing it on the web, in print or in a gallery, there is a depth to the IDAA, which transcends many contemporary art events.

I would like to thank all participants in the 2003 IDAA, whether you are an entrant, juror or viewer. Ultimately the IDAA is about and for you, and the changes and effects it provokes within you. Enjoy, and grow.

Wayne J. Cosshall
Director, Digital ImageMaker International,
Personal art website