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International DIgital Art Awards 2003 Exhibition

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Principal Juror: Laurence Gartel
Director: Wayne J Cosshall

DIGITAL ART ..... Changing Sex!
Executive Chair: Steve Danzig

The IDAA is now in it's 3rd year and through it's dedicated programming to brand, support and promote digital art, our primary focus is to present those artists who seek excellence at the highest international level.

2003 has been an important year for the IDAA. There is a constant demand for reinvention and branding a stronger global profile. It does this by meeting the needs of a digital community that is in one part directed by technology and the other trying to establish a fine art identity via important industry focused objectives and other projects like the IDAA.

There has been much debate of recent times defining new terms that extend beyond the broad definition of digital art. "New Media" has been included in to the IDAA program but having said that, it's important that such terms are not used flippantly in the way we understand new digital styles. In this sense we reflect upon New Media Art (a new term of the 90's) which began as far back as the early 1950's. Its historical reference subsequently contradicts a more contemporary understanding of work relating to motion and interactivity from the early 1990's (this is said with caution) because to discount any point in digital art history lends itself to a great risk of ignoring the early pioneers who were without question New Media artists by definition. The 2003 IDAA will specifically present works based around active media, including web based interactive scripting as well as multimedia and digital video as it's New Media presentation.

This year there has been a significant historical twist to the results.

More than 1,500 images were entered from which 100 were selected for the IDAA exhibition. 51 artists make up the 2003 IDAA with 40 of those artists being male. From the 11 female artists, 5 are placed in the top 10. There are four Australian Artists represented in the final exhibition, Andrew Mamo - 5th (second highest placed male artist), Dean Bruton - 12th, Shannon Hourigan - 23rd and Christopher Barnaby - 70th.

1st, 2nd and 3rd positions were awarded to female artists which we understand to be a world first for such a major award. Given the male "influence" of digital art, the IDAA presents an exciting exhibition that highlights significant changes in gender dominated art practices - like the technology itself digital art has certainly changed.

"This year presents the strongest artwork to date with a distinctive reference to Post-Modern Abstract across several digital styles. We are pleased to include several prominent artists in this years exhibition," says Steve Danzig, Executive Chair.

This years major award winner is Karin Kuhlmann who receives the Laurence Gartel Award For Excellence.

Karin is a German artist whose algorithmic (mathematical) art reflects early American Abstract Expressionism from the 1950's. There is strong organic symmetry in her composition and like the early abstractionists such as Pollock, "Karin's art explores a higher conscious towards self mapping of personal and social conditions."

The 2003 IDAA jury consists of a leading group of international artists. Laurence Gartel is the principal juror who gained prominence in the early 80's with his work for ABSOLUT VODKA, DISNEY, COCOA-COLA including exhibitions and lectureship in many major international museums and institutions. Other jurors include Steve Danzig (IDAA Executive Chair), Wayne Cosshall (IDAA Director), Dr John Labadie, Tom Chambers, Vicki McConville, Jimmy Sellars and Mikel Szczepanski.

I hope you take time to explore and enjoy the 2003 IDAA exhibition. Please make an effort send in your feedback as we are keen to receive it.

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