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Assistant Director IDAA/CO-Director New Media
Editor,Writer, Co-Founder Digital Art Association Australia

The 2004 IDAA represents a significant stage in the IDAA's development. Firstly, the incorporation of a good body of work in the IDAA New Media section nicely compliments and contrasts with the IDAA Still Image section. Since contemporary digital art practice covers both areas, it not only makes the IDAA a more representational living documentation of the state of digital art practice in 2004, but also allows viewers to make their own, interesting connections between the two. The IDAA Still Image section raises the quality bar yet again and is the strongest IDAA yet from a fine art perspective. It heartens me that, yet again, all areas of digital still image art practice are represented and you will find examples of the best digital art in each category and style. It shows that no one area of digital practice, such as 3D, has become the dominant voice of digital still image. This diversity of approach is the strength of digital art practice and provides a rich ground for cross-fertilization and the continuing development of digital art. My thanks to everyone who entered and my congratulations to everyone accepted to the list of finalists. You can rightly feel that your work has been judged against some of the best digital art internationally, and been found comparable.
Wayne J. Cosshall, Assistant Director, IDAA


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Steve Danzig

Laurence Gartel

Wayne Cosshall

Tom Chambers

John Labadie

Vicki McConville

Michel Szczepanski

David Harley

Jimmy Sellars

John Vega



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