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Juror's Statements

Visual Artist
Board of Directors, NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts)

As an Artist and as a Juror, it has been inspirational to see the development of the International Digital Art Award over the past three years. The quality and depth of the work submitted, not to mention the
volume of work submitted, has increased immeasurably.

The 2004 IDAA indicates a shift in style and direction and I am pleased to see the exceptional work being produced in both contemporary digital printmaking as well as the inclusion of new media works. Congratulations to
all of our exhibitors in the 2004 IDAA.


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Steve Danzig

Laurence Gartel

Wayne Cosshall

Tom Chambers

John Labadie

Vicki McConville

Michel Szczepanski

David Harley

Jimmy Sellars

John Vega



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