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The winning imagists have translated the digital process into a hyper elevated
medium. The words "ULTRA KOOL" seem to fall of the tip of my tongue. And what
a delicacy it is indeed. It seems that our post 9/11 society has felt so much that
our outer skin is teflon: The images unstoppable. They have felt so much that the
emotional impact these images give off cannot be "penentratable." The beauty here
is that whether it be an abstract image by Nick Karlovich, to the surrealistic image
of Ray Caesar, these images show perfection. As I wrestled with Sabrina Raaf's
bathroom pictures looking for "something wrong with her picture" I just couldn't
find it! All made perfect sense, in a perfect world. The "cherry on the sundae" for
me was Juri David's portraits. WHY in any other moment of time, would anyone
care about a picture of a president in such disdain? It is a brilliant execution to see
the man we love to hate. "Globalness" and "Americanizing the World" brings back
nightmare's of George Orwell's 1984. Ian Gwilt's image "Pool Elevate" summarizes
the entries of the IDAA and that state of affairs, at least from a public relations
point of view. - "We live in a perfect world."

While I expected to see artists fighting back with anger and hostility due to our
global economy, instead we see resilience and courage. It is a great surprise and
tribute to all contributors to this years IDAA, stating, that "no body is going down
without a fight." That artists will continue to make real art through hard political
and economic times. John Vucic-Wolfpup's apocalyptic ending "Desire is Suffering"
is one of the few works that follows my own world sensibilities to which I would
expect others to share. However Wolfpup's cool colors, illustrate our defiance.
In summary, this year's IDAA announces to the world, that the digital genre is
more than thriving, and that the medium can make humane statements above and beyond
all art forms.

I salute all those that have participated in the creative process, the selection, and
for those that gave their spirit in the struggle to be heard.

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John Labadie

Vicki McConville

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