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Juror's Statements

Associate Professor of Art
Director, Digital Academy
University of North Carolina Pembroke

In the three years I have served a a juror for the IDAA the quality of the online submissions has risen steadily each year. Let me qualify this statement: not only has the digital-technical proficiency evidenced by the IDAA entrants observably increased with each iteration of this worldwide exhibition, the originality of the pieces submitted for jurying has also soared to new heights and dimensions. IMHO the 2004 IDAA exhibition represents the very best to be seen in contemporary digital fine arts across a wide range of genre in both still and time-based media. The 2004 IDAA is a “must see” exhibition for all those who seek to understand what happens when talented people choose digital tools to as a primary means to make their art.

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Steve Danzig

Laurence Gartel

Wayne Cosshall

Tom Chambers

John Labadie

Vicki McConville

Michel Szczepanski

David Harley

Jimmy Sellars

John Vega



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