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Steve Danzig Founder/Director IDAA
Director Australian Digital Art Association, Board Member Digital Academy University of North Carolina Pembroke, 2004 Grants Assessor National Association For The Visual Arts (NAVA), Member Academy for Electronic Arts-New Delhi, India.



The creative potency of the 2004 International Digital Art Awards has, in part, to do with the important artists entering the prestigious competition this year.

From early digital pioneer Tony Robbins' entry of "mathematica" to Jiri David's lyrical four world leaders crying titled "No Compassion", are outstanding works. Italian artist Alessandro Bavari has used the IDAA to launch new images from his award winning series "Sodom and Gomorrah." Many leading international academics have chosen to enter the 2004 IDAA: James Edwards and Peter Patchen from the USA and Naoe Toshio from Japan. Fellow Australian's Andrew Mamo, Ian Gwilt, Anne-Maree Taranto and leading Indigenous photo-media artist Leah King-Smith are among the notables in the 2004 IDAA line up.

Australian artist Anne-Maree Taranto is the 2004 IDAA Major Award Winner with her image QUANTUM DREAMTIME. This piece is a Still capture from a new media video work in which Anne-Maree explores Time and Space metaphor. She also mixes metamorphic transitions of cell based structures reflecting a deeper psychology about the road we travel or path we take in life. It's a wonderful contemporary artwork that broadens the contextual dialogue of the digital aesthetic and we congratulate her on being the first Australian to win the IDAA.

I'm truly delighted to be presenting this opportunity to an international art community -- especially as it's an Australian initiative. It represents the best work in the world, quite unique in presentation and something Australian audiences wouldn't normally have the chance to see in hard copy exhibition.

"Locally we have received support from the Print Council of Australia (PCA) and the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). This is important recognition as these are the peak industry bodies for print media and the visual arts in Australia.

The IDAA presents an alternative, planet-wide forum for digital artists and presents a dedicated program within a fine art context, rather than a prescribed industrial and/or academic platform of events.

Physical exhibitions are also part of IDAA planning each year which will include works on paper and new media art. The Australian tour opens 1st April 2004 at the Academy Gallery University of Tasmania, then QUT Art Museum Brisbane, 4 June - 15 August 2004 and VAC Gallery September 2004. Additionally, the IDAA exhibition will travel to the USA and open at a number of venues there (TBA).

The 2004 IDAA has a large web presence that grows daily. Online the numbers are impressive with more than six million people visiting the website annually. The IDAA has a supporting membership base of more than 75,000 persons consisting of artists, photographers, gallery/museum directors, academics and media specialists

We hope you enjoy the 2004 Internatioal Digital Art Awards.

Finally I would like to thank the Executive whose collective voice has been tireless in supporting and helping the IDAA succeed.


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