Artist: Mike Moran (UK)
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Title: Bleeding Away
Born in Shropshire, UK grew up on the Dorset coast.
Studied at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and North Staffordshire Polytechnic.
“This montage style brings together several different areas of work: the love for paper and paint, collecting imagery with photography, image manipulation and travel.”
All of the photos/found materials come from my travels.
These images start as heavily worked paper and paint. The scratched colour soaked results are then scanned. Photos are mixed in and additional elements are added. The work reflects my interests in the changes our society and nature have on the environment. The marks created by our daily activities and the natural elements become over time evidence for these activities.
Manufactured objects exposed to the elements begin to decay changing back into a natural state. Nature is reclaiming the materials we use. These processes are a central theme in my work.

Artist: NAOE Toshio (Japan)

Title: abbey
Title: abbey 03 - 3
Profession: 2000- Assistantociate Professor(art and design education) at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.
When I started as an artist, I used oil, acrylic and watercolors. In 1992, I started using photography and photocopy technologies with pictures drawndrawing by hand to combine images and to create new visions. I took photographs of human bodies, and transformedtransform them into new shapes and located them in the images of different environments. In 1995, I started using Photoshop and became aware of the possibilities ofto enhancing the process and achieving otheranother new visions. Since then, I have continued to exploreexploring the possibilities of the “digital collage.”. I exhibited those works in the Ryo Group Exhibitions in October 1996, October 1997, October 1998 and, October 1999, in Utsunomiya-city, Japan. In 2003, I started exhibiting the digital art works on my own website.

Artist: Nick Karlovich (USA)
Title: Pacific
Nicholas Alexander Karlovich was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1982. Throughout his life he was encouraged to pursue his talent in art, and after discovering digital arts in high school he quickly realized the field suited his talents. Bowling Green State University offered a well established program in the digital arts, clearly the next step in this young artist’s career. There, Nick honed his artistic talents in digital imaging and 3D modeling, as well as sculpture and traditional media. His influences include Futurists such as Boccioni and early Expressionists in Kandinsky and Marc. He is currently researching graduate schools in the digital arts.

Artist: Osvaldo Gonzales (Argentina /USA)

Title: Dagon's Odyssey
Digital Artist, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator - On 1998, he moved to U.S. where he works for companies such as Zonderban Publishing house, Vida Publishers, Word Entertainment and Warner Music.

Artist: Pascal Yelle (USA)
Title: PA0206V0
Title: PA9910V0
In 1995 Pascal Yelle “broke out of the corporate box” to pursue his art full-time. With a degree in Computer Science and more than a decade of experience working in the corporate world Yelle decided to make changes. He based himself in New York City and in his East Village Studio Yelle began the process of developing and experimenting with a unique style and technique using only the computer. The path he set for himself is to “humanize” digital by creating warmth and feeling using the digital form in the context that reflects our time.
Along with his East Village digs, Yelle also draws a great deal of inspiration for his digital paintings from his varied travels. In the past years he has spent time painting in different parts of the country as well as Paris, Rome, Venice and Montreal.

Artist: Pauline Lavoipierre (Australia)
Title: Up the Garden Path
Master of Fine Art, Victorian College of the Arts - Photography Lecturer, Swinburne Tafe, Prahran.

Artist: Ray Caesar (UK/Canada)
Title: Messenger
Title: Companion
Title: Silent Whispers
Born in London England 1958
Emigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1967
I attended the Ontario College of Art from 1976-1980

In 1996, I went back to school to learn digital animation using Alias Studio and eventually ended up working at GVFX in Toronto as a senior 3D artist and animator. I worked with Maya creating animated digital matte paintings for science fiction TV shows like “Stargate”, “Total Recall 2070”, and “Relic Hunter” and immersed myself in character modeling, texturing and animation setup.  All this eventually led to Gemini and Emmy nominations (“ Total Recall 2070” 1999 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Effects for a Series). Although this was exciting work, I had painted for many years and felt that using digital animation software to create art was profoundly more interesting, especially since the advent of newer printing technologies from Iris and Epson.










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