Artist: Magdalena Kourti (London/England)
Title: birth of wave
Title: life cycle
1998-1999 Ma in Computer Imaging & Animation, London Guildhall University, London
3D & 2D digital imaging & animation
1994-1997 Ba in Fine Art, Wimbledon School of Art, London
painting & installation
1990-1993 Bsc in Business Administration, Deree College, Athens
marketing management

Artist: Maria Best (Germany)
Title: passants_04
* 1964
1983-87 Student in architecture and pupil of the Japanese stone sculptor
Fujiwara in Berlin
1987-92 Freelance sculptor
1990-92 Residency in France, Cevennes
1993-1994 Education in computer-graphics and animation, Berlin
1994 - 97 Free artistic [sculptural] work
since 1998 Exploring the potential of digital media for sculptural topics,
bodies of work: "beings", "passants", "fluids", "socials"
1990-1999 Exhibitions, public art competitions, private and public commands
Recent Projects:
2001 "L'appartement" Gallery, Strasbourg [France],
2002 "Hotel Berlinische Galerie", installation "dufluid", Berlin
2003 Exhibition art association Castle Bodenburg, "Like a fish in the
"Changing Channels" - London Biennale Pollination, Berlin
"Durchzug" - Exhibition project at the Sony-Center, Berlin
2004 "Emotional Experience", art-o-nivo Gallery, Brugge, Belgium,
with Yves Jumeau

Artist: Marte Newcombe (Australia/USA)

Title: entrance
1985: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington D.C.
1975-1976: Postgraduate studies in German Language and Literature, Australian National University,
Canberra, Australia.
1970: Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.
1969: Bachelor of Arts, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.
2002-present: Serigraphy and Computer Graphics Instructor, George Washington University, Washington D.C.
1999-present: Graphic artist and animator, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Scientific Visualization Studio, Greenbelt, Maryland
1999-present: Computer Graphics Instructor, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
1985-present: Computer Graphics Instructor and Printmaking Instructor, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington D.C.
1993-95: Screenprinting Instructor and Education Co-ordinator, The Moscow Studio, Moscow, Russia.
1971-1981: Teacher of French, German, English, History and Drama, Australia, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea.

Artist: Melissa Harshman

Title: Diver
Melissa Harshman received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 1992. She has been teaching printmaking at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia since the fall of 1993. She has been the Chair of the Printmaking Department since 2000.
Harshman’s recent paintings and prints are conceived with sketches made on the computer. Images begin with a scanned image from sources such as dictionaries, children’s workbooks, coloring books or other eclectic material. The image is then layered with a variety of text and other images that create new meanings in the final piece. If the idea is to be made into a painting, the image is translated to canvas using acrylic paints and collaged layers. If the final product is to be a print the image is separated into four-color separations and printed via traditional methods such as lithography or serigraphy. Some of the images are completely whimsical while others have underlying political content. Harshman states, “My goal is to create work that is aesthetically pleasing as well as conceptually significant.”

Artist: Michael M von Karkowski (Poland)
Title: 01
I became interested in photography at the age of six, and I was always intrested in beauty. For four years I was a student of the Art Academy of drawing. My first steps in photography were only with nature and landscapes. I learned the art of photography from observing nature and through my mistakes. While working for an advertising agency. I published a multimedial CDR titled,”Italy”. I have taken places in several photo competitions, and worked on photoillustrations for another book. The most important subject for me in art are humans. A portion of the activities in my work, I paint in oil on canvas, I then make the image through digital manipulation and I also draw. I have many of my ideas expressed in my photography through my art while trying to capture their images through the camera lens.









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