Artist: Albert Giros (Spain)
Barcelona 1954
He lives and works in Barcelona and Ibiza.
Since 1974 he dedicates himself to arts – painting, sculpture, installations, writings, photography, video, music – disciplines he practises by separate ways and in interdisciplinary via.
Since 1980 to 1994 works in teaching arts in public and private institutions.
Since 1992 he works in graphic design at On The AIR Studio in Barcelona.

Artist: Alessandro Bavari (Italy)
Title: pastore
Title: ramarri
I have imagined these two cities as a kind of amusement park for visionaries,
where my gaze is neither accusing nor benevolent, but simply amused and curious,
and open to taking in as much as possible. An enormous freak show designed
with kitsch and geometrical rationality, like that of a crib, where one can
get lost, and scrutinize an intimate daily life as hybrid as it is metaphysical,
and then find one's path, perhaps o get lost again. In short I have wanted the people of Sodom & Gomorrah to be happy, creative and imaginative up to the very day of the apocalypse in which God omnipotent, vexed by their excessive exuberance, decided to spread forevermore his immense black veil.
I consider "Sodom & Gomorrah" to be an open-ended project, too
stimulating and enjoyable to be concluded, and to which and I will continue
to add images. It is an always expanding project, like Sodom & Gomorrah
would be if they had survived the Divine Wrath: an irrational expansion, chaotic, exuberant and spontaneous. Just like that of all modern cities.
Born in Latina, a coastal town south of Rome, Italy, on april 1963.
Grown up in an italo-french family, he was early attracted by artistic matters and decided to attend art college, where he began making photomontages at the age of 15.
Then, he studied scenography, photography, history of art and various other topics at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Rome, where he developped strong grounding in the techniques of oil, watercolours and engraving, while experimenting at the same time methods mixing tar, glue, industrial paint and exploring photographic printing techniques.
During these years, he took the habit of making numerous photographs everywhere he goes : human and animal matters, objects and architecture, pictures and landscapes, fossils and materials, which join his mental museum, also strongly influenced by indo-european cultural myths and allegories as well as 14th and 15th century artists.
Since 1993, he adds digital manipulation to his art, developing a personal artistic language using industrial and organic products from nature before incorporating photographic process, then computer digitalization, which leads to "a kind of contamination among the arts dissolving the boundaries which distinguish them".

Artist: Alexey Tikhonov (Russia)
entries: From "Imagination that can't be refused" series
I was born in 1976 in St.Petersburg and since that never left the city for more than month, which probably
heavily affected themes of my photographs. St.Petersburg is in many senses a city that's not a very suitable for living, but this makes it such an interesting subject to research and explore.
I've studied philosophy and electronics, but my main profession is design. It was design that I became at first interested in photography through. And later photography started to be my primary occupation.

Artist: Andrej Polushkin (Russia)
Title: Clinical King
Title: Morning.jpg
Title: Returning Is Impossible
Mentor is Witkin lives in St.Petersberg.

Artist: Andrew Mamo (Australia)

Title: BlackFrost
Andrew Mamo is a digital media artist. He has won numerous awards for his work internationally, including, most recently, the Toray Digital Art Prize Maywa Denki Award, Japan, and the Kala Art Institute Fellowship Award and Residency, Berkeley, California. Andrew is also currently a lecturer in digital media at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, and Central Queensland University Sydney International Campus.

Artist: Barbara Vasic (Yogslavia)
Title: kunstakademiet I
Title: kunstakademiet II
Presently on two month student exchange in kunsthøgskolen i bergen, norway
2001 - m.a. virtual realities - 2 year course at national college of art and design, dublin, ireland
1995 - 2000 b.a. fine art (painting) - faculty of fine arts, belgrade, yugoslavia










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