Artist: Reinhardt Sobye (Norway)
Title: 1961
Title: 2433
Born in Oslo 1956.
Studied psychology, but quitted just before final exams and started to paint. Exhibited yearly in Tokyo since 1994.
In 1999 the major japan newspaper, Asahi Shimbun arranged a big retrospective shown in 3 artmuseums in Tokyo, Shimonoseki and Kariya.
50.000 visitors which was a new record.
In 2001 I began working with computers due to serious physical illness. In Oct. 2003 the first pure digital exhibition in
Tokyo: "Last Defence". For my artist statement I quote the internationally acknowledged artcurator, Mr. Ichiro Hariu:
"The 3rd International Kwangju Biennale (Excerp from 'Curator's consept', by Mr. Ichiro Hariu, Section for Arts and Human Rights:)

"................Reinhard Sobye from Norway, sent me a letter 7 years ago with photographs of his works asking if there was any gallery that would exhibit his work, although he had never met me. One of the art galleries in Tokyo which viewed these photographs decided to sponsor his show. Since then Sobye has held 6 solo exhibitions in this
Gallery. When the Asahi newspaper became aware of the great response to his exhibitions,
they showcased his best work at 3 different museums in 1999. The number of visitors and catalogues sold at the 3
museums was very significant (50.000 visitors, 3 reprints).
He paints pastel portraits of old men, children, and war and political refugees depicting the plight of such human existence and the abuse of human rights and denouncing the guilty capitalistic societies which eliminate the weak as one type of civil war. You will find very little art that so keenly illustrates that "human rights" is more precious than
the earth itself as does Sobye's art."

Artist: Ricardo Báez -Duarte (Venezuela)
Title: D
Title: H
Title: P3
Vice Rector (Chancellor), Universidad Metropolitana,1991-1993
Esthetics, consciousness, ego and sensibility.
Behind the lens, a universe, on the other end, an illusion.
The lens acts as a membrane that separates the reality, what ever that is, from our experience of the reality.
I do not consider myself a photographer in the strict sense of the term.
For us digital artists, the snapshot is just the beginning: it is the start of our endeavor to make the illusion true.
My work is intended to analyze the experience of being alive as an integral part of this universe that has been able to produce the consciousness of esthetics, sensibility and inner life.
We do not know what art may be, perhaps because it is quintessential to our human nature, so we are allowed only a role as co-creators but humbly as art processors.
To process what?
To process our visions, illusions and feelings until we reach our fellow human beings

Artist: Richard Wazejewski/Claire Waterhouse (UK London)
Title: Opus Pocus I II & III
Title: Singing in the Brain
The techniques used by the digital artist are no different from the skills employed by the potter, painter, sculptor, photographer or printmaker. The technique of photomontage has been given a new lease of life with the advent of technology, and through programs such as Adobe-photoshop, an amalgamation of all processes can be employed in any one piece.
It must be remembered that the computer remains a tool that only the human being can control. The manipulation of materials and craftsmanship should be appreciated, no matter the tool that the artist or craftsperson chooses to use.
Most certainly this is the dawn of a new artistic age still in its infancy, but vastly expanding. Photoshop enables the artist to make real their wildest fantasies or darkest fears. This is what we aim to achieve in our artwork; sometimes in a beautiful and poetic way, other times in the most wild and hideous of ways or maybe a comfortable juxtaposition of the two.
We work together in our creations, constantly throwing ideas back and forth, from the collection of source materials, initiation of an idea through to final conclusion and print. We are both passionate in our collection of nostalgic junk, relishing the regular forage at skips, car boot sales and second hand shops. We appreciate a wide range of art, particularly the surreal, dada, elegiac, fantasy and dream image.

Artist: Richard Wentk (UK)

Title: The Magus.jpg
Richard Wentk (1963) has been working with digital media since 1984. Moving from a background in music composition and software design, he has spent the last few years exploring digital photography and image manipulation and creating short digital video works which have been screened at a number of venues in Britain.
His current focus is on using digital photography as a starting point for image manipulations that produce results somewhere close to the meeting point of digital art staples such as surrealism, abstract expressionism and photomontage, without being too obviously characteristic of any of these genres. He uses PaintShop Pro, with occasional excursions into Photoshop. Most images are created using high quality source material treated with only the most basic operations – blends, tone and hue shifts, and so on. Filters and plug-ins are used exceptionally rarely.
His long term interest is in creating digital works that move beyond the restrictions of the fixed flat image into environmental interactivity, true 3D environments, and other installations.

Artist: Robert Bartley (USA)
Title: Super Dream of the Sixties
I am a self-taught photographer.
The year of 2000 was a busy one. I Got into 5 major art festivals in the southeast Michigan area, had a one man exhibit entitled "OBLIQUE OBJECTIVES" that displayed my 3D sculpture-photographs for the first time. After talking with computer artist Kenneth Huff last year at the Art Beats and Eats Festival, I began doing 3D modeling. I also started experimenting with fractals and will be getting back into true stereoscopic 3D photography for the first time in 20 years. I was the Feature Artist for the month of August 2000 at the online photo Mag Photo Resources, and this February had a Portfolio accepted by the fine folks at They do a great job don't they?










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