Anne-Maree Taranto (Australia) 2004 IDAA Major Award Wnner:
studied fine arts in 92-94 majoring in painting and delving into printmaking, photography and philosophy. Leaving with a LaTrobe Graduation Award and a National Gallery of Victoria Award for Excellence, her work is included in both public and private collections. Experiments with digital printmaking paved the way for a transition into the moving digital image and studies in electronic design and interactive media at RMIT in 01-02. In 2002 Anne-Maree Taranto was supported by the Australia Council in attending the Banff Institute of New Media in Canada for a symposium on science visualisation, and participation in the Asia Pacific Trienniel new media workshops in Brisbane. Anne-Maree’s work has screened nationally, including at the Sydney International Film Festival and the National Museum of Australia, and she exhibits throughout Australia and internationally. Awards include National Student Film Festival Best Experimental Film and Comgraph Digital Art Award. Using digital video, compositing, electronic imaging, 3D animation, digital photography and traditional media, Anne-Maree’s work is inspired by studies in cosmology and the natural sciences. Current projects include the animated “book of the universe” and a series of paintings. Anne-Maree operates a freelance multimedia art and design service from her Abbostford studio.


This is a sequence of stills taken from short digital video ‘Quantum Dreamtime’. The elements composited into each frame of this work are many and varied. Digital video was used to capture light flares on water and the spectral explosions of metal sculptures in a microwave oven. These frames were rotoscoped with a pressure sensitive tablet and filtered. Mathematical visualization freeware and shareware was used to produce animated shapes, and wireframe images were modeled and animated in 3D. Among the layers, motion graphics generated from bitmaps and vector images were added, and infrared self portraiture opens and closes this waking/dreaming cycle.
‘Quantum Dreamtime’ has screened in video form in the D>Lux Digital Art Showcase for the Sydney International Film Festival, National Museum of Australia, This Is Not Art and ElectroFringe Festivals in Newcastle, Electroprojections in Brisbane, and various other festivals and venues including First Site Gallery, Melbourne. In print form it has been exhibited by the Australia Council in Sydney. This work was awarded Best Experimental Film by the National Student Film Festival 2003.

Jiri David (Czech) 2004 IDAA 2nd Major Award Winner
Title: ANAN
Title: Blair
Title: Bush
Title: Chirac
"I don´t know what I am; I don´t know what I mean; I don´t know what and for whom I create; I know neither the sense nor the reason of the origin of my previous works´ meaning, although the meaning is often recycled. It matters to me (suspiciously) less and less, who will understand and what will the one understand of my works; this is also applied to myself, I am a stranger to myself. After fifteen-years of intense, professional work in the field of art, somewhere in Central Europe, I have lost any sort of coherent identity. I´m slowly and dubiously coming to a conclusion that this is not a negative fact, however, I don´t know what to do about it."

Sabrina Raaf (USA) 2004 IDAA 3rd Major Award Winner
Title: Never_Alone
Title: Pigment_Eaters
Title: Suburban_Particle_1
Sabrina Raaf is a Chicago-based artist who works in both experimental sculptural media and digital photography. She is a producer of creative machines - machines that independently make art when cross-pollinated with human interaction. Her work was recently been exhibited in a solo exhibition entitled Roving at Klein Art Work Gallery in Chicago. Upcoming shows include the eShow curated by Barry Blinderman and exhibited at the Krannert Museum. In 2003 her work was shown at the Wynick/Tuck Gallery during the prestigious Images Festival of new media arts in Toronto and in 2002 in the Here and Now show at the Chicago Cultural Center as well as in Postflesh at California State University in Sacremento, CA, and Sense Data at the Painted Bride Center in Philadelphia, PA. She exhibited in the Sculpture in Chicago Now exhibition (2002) curated by Adam Brooks and Cory Postiglione and at the Block Museum in the Immersive Art Symposium,2001. In 1999 she exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington, DC) and at the Chicago Cultural Center. She is the recipient of a 2002, Creative Capitol Grant in Emerging Fields and an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship (2001). She has been reviewed in Art in America, the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Leonardo Magazine (MIT Press),, Contemporary Arts magazine, The Washington Post, The New Art Examiner, The City Paper, and The Chicago Reader. She received an MFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999. Sabrina is currently a tenure-track professor in the Photography Department of Columbia College in Chicago.







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